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After Childhood's End

All childhoods must, at some point, come to an end. Magically induced ones end more abruptly than the regular kind.

Abe no Seimei wakes with a start. Not that he was sleeping until now. He was...what exactly was he doing before he found himself here? And where is here, anyway? Who is that person off to his left?

He leaps back from the stranger, leaves crunching under his feet, and gets a defensive spell into place - all before he quite realizes that he's done it, or that the stranger he's reacting to is just as startled as he is.
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The stranger is a lady of indeterminate age, with dark hair and a pink woolly cardigan.

"I say," she says. "Where were we?"
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"That doesn't usually happen to me," she says. "I take it we are in Milliways, but I have no idea why we are out here, or in fact who you are. I am sorry."
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"I am Margolotta Amaya Katerina Assumpta Crassina von Überwald, but you can call me Lady Margolotta," she says.
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"We are definitely not in Bonk," she says. "And I've seen this part of the forest before. Also, this kind of inexplicable phenomenon feels very much like Milliways. So, the Rule of Duck applies."


"I do feel I have seen you before. The name Dôji comes to mind?"
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"I don't know why I associate it with you, or the fish in the fireplace," she says. "I may have accidentally overheard something you said while watching them."
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"We should," Margolotta says. "We don't know what we were doing out here anyway."
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"If we listen for the sound of waves, we will get back to the lake," Margolotta adds, "and from there, we should be able to see the bar."
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"How would you do that?"
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She starts walking, very quietly. "I do wonder how we got in this far to begin with."
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"That would be rather hard for them to do to me," Margolotta says. "But then, here in Milliways, there is always a bigger fish."
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She quietly walks among the plants; her night sight is of course excellent, and there is hardly anything that she needs to worry about.

"Useful, to have that sort of spirits," she says.
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"Oh yes, there is a famous witch in Lancre who can borrow bees," Margolotta answers. "Very useful."
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"Both," Margolotta says. "She sends her mind away with them, controlling them only very gently. She has a special sign she holds while she is borrowing, to indicate to people she is still alive."

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