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Birthdate:Feb 21
Location:Kyoto, Japan
Abe no Seimei is a character from Japanese legend and folklore who also appears in many modern works of fiction. The history detailed below is based in large part on the Wikipedia article about him, and his character and powers are inspired by Yojiro Takita's 2001 movie Onmyoji, in which the title character was portrayed by Mansai Nomura (who is also this character's PB). He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in Milliways Bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

RP NOTE: Seimei possesses significant magical/psychic awareness, so if you are a magic user or non-vanilla mortal there is a good chance he can tell what you are: see under "Appearance (to magical/psychic senses)" below. So if your special empowered/magical pup is about to thread with Seimei for the first time, let's talk! I'm available by AIM or the character journal PM.

Appearance (to non-magical senses):

Abe no Seimei looks like the kyougen actor (and his PB) Mansai Nomura, who portrayed him in Yojiro Takita's Onmyoji series. Depending on his mood, he may wear contemporary "business casual"-type clothing, 10th-century Heian court dress, or anything from the thousand years of Japanese history in between. When speaking his native language, he tends to use the Kansai dialect. When speaking any other Earth language - and he is fluent in pretty much all the major ones - his accent can be described as "definitely foreign" but not specific to any country.

His shadow is Sometimes it's darker than it should be, or not exactly cast at the right angle, or a fraction of a second out of sync with his movements.

To those with an acute sense of smell, Seimei's scent is mostly human, with just a little hint of fox and occasional traces of fine cigars, green tea, and ink. If he is wearing traditional Japanese attire (anything from the Edo Period or earlier), it is lightly perfumed with sandalwood incense.
Appearance (to magical/psychic senses):

He is definitely a mage, and a powerful one at that. He carries several enchanted objects on his person and is accompanied by a number of (usually invisible) spirits of various kinds. He is sane, well-adjusted, and does not practice black/evil/icky magic.

Particularly skillful and/or perceptive observers will discern that he is a minor, small-g god, but generally speaking he conceals this very well.

If you have noticed any of these things about him, assume that he has noticed you as well.


Abe no Seimei was a real person born in 921 C.E. He was an onmyoji (yin-yang master) who served as a spiritual adviser and diviner for the Japanese Imperial court under six Emperors (starting with Suzaku and ending with Ichijō). He is credited with authoring the Senji Ryakketsu, an onmyodo primer. Following his death in 1005, Emperor Ichijō deified him by constructing a shrine on the site of his former house in Kyoto in 1007. The shrine still stands today.

In the thousand years since his death, Abe no Seimei has become a legendary figure, appearing in Japanese folklore and even modern fiction. The Abe no Seimei of this journal is the wizard of legend, the child of a human and a kitsune who grew up to be a master diviner, demon-slayer, and (generally speaking) clever bastard.

In the last thousand years he has earned a reputation as one of the most eccentric kami in the Shinto pantheon. He is still a spiritual guardian of Japan in general and Kyoto in particular, but his job is rather different than it used to be...and so is he.

Interests (18):

buddhism, daoism, guquin, heian, history, kami, kin no koto, kyoto, music, oni, onmyodo, poetry, shikigami, shinto, shugendo, spirits, tengu, zen

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