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Seimei enters the bar in the wee hours of the morning, when there are very few people downstairs. He pens a note and leaves it with the Bar for delivery to Jim Moriarty.

It simply says: All is ready. Meet me in the library.

And then Seimei heads there. Needless to say he will have plenty of books to keep himself occupied until Jim arrives.
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All childhoods must, at some point, come to an end. Magically induced ones end more abruptly than the regular kind.

Abe no Seimei wakes with a start. Not that he was sleeping until now. He was...what exactly was he doing before he found himself here? And where is here, anyway? Who is that person off to his left?

He leaps back from the stranger, leaves crunching under his feet, and gets a defensive spell into place - all before he quite realizes that he's done it, or that the stranger he's reacting to is just as startled as he is.
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Seimei leads the way into the cavern, which is lit with little oil lamps and festooned with shimenawa rope hung from little hooks drilled into the walls. After Ragnar comes through - looking more comfortable than Seimei expected in his ceremonial white robe - Seimei ropes off the entrance behind him as well.

"To keep bad influences out," he explains. "Like when you sat under the waterfall earlier."

He's pretty sure that Ragnar gets the gist of what he's saying, even if the translation spell he's hammered out isn't as good as the one in Milliways. Even if it isn't, he explained everything to Ragnar (and Gyda) before they left the bar.

At the far end of the cavern is a pool fed by a natural hot spring. Between Seimei and the pool are two of Seimei's assistants, dressed in their own white robes - a Japanese macaque and a (rather anthropomorphized) tanuki. They kowtow in unison as Seimei and Ragnar enter.

The pool behind them glows faintly with an enchantment of Seimei's own devising. In the pool is Gyda's new body, floating on her back with her face just above the level of the water. She's dressed in white robes, like Ragnar and Seimei, and her hair floats in a corona around her head. It's longer than Gyda's hair in her Milliways body. There are other differences as well: her skin is paler, and any scars from childhood mishaps are gone. Still, the body is very similar to what she's used to.

Gyda herself is in a small jade jar that Seimei carries before him. He gives it to the tanuki, who holds it at the ready by the side of the pool. The macaque fetches a stool and a wand covered in paper streamers. Seimei directs Ragnar to sit on the stool and hold the wand. The macaque brings him tattoo needles and a pair of latex gloves (Seimei believes just as much in biological sanitation as he does in ritual sanitation).

"If you've changed your mind about where to put the geas tattoo, now would be the time to speak up," Seimei says. There's a bit of levity in his tone, but he isn't kidding. They're already committed to this, and the location of the tattoo to anchor the geas is really the only thing that they can change.
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For the most part, Abe no Seimei's project to develop a Japanese reinterpretation of the Tarot has been going smoothly. He has developed very specific concepts (even sketches) for most of the cards, and general ideas for the rest that a certain artist of his acquaintance can help to flesh out.

There is, however, one card that is prompting much wracking of brains, ripping of paper, agitated pacing, and chain-smoking. Seimei has considered getting around the problem by leaving the card out of his deck entirely, but that's not really an option. When it comes to magic, one must commit fully or not at all.

So Seimei has devoted considerable time and energy to researching this card in the Milliways library. He has broadened the scope of his research beyond books on the Tarot - even the most obscure and esoteric ones - and is now hunting for references to the card's imagery and meaning in prophetic visions.

At some point he realizes he is very far back in the library, past some kind of event horizon where said library loses its coherence and becomes tangled up with other libraries in other realities and times. The air is thick with magic which doesn't flow so much as swirl around in eddies and whirlpools. Seimei can feel the books watching him, and suspects that they may be planning an ambush of some kind.

While he is all in favor of doggedly pursuing knowledge, he is beginning to think that he may have pursued too doggedly and too far.
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Abe no Seimei's house resembles a typical Heian mansion, with its central south-facing hall and wings connected by bridges and walkways. The entire structure is raised above the ground on wooden pillars and topped with steep, cypress-shingled roofs. There are certain modern conveniences in the house, but most of these are tastefully hidden - except for the bathrooms which are, of necessity, fairly easy to recognize.

The house sits on a few acres of carefully manicured, wall-girded ground that include a pond and stream, a moon bridge, stands of bamboo, a rock garden, and a stunning variety of trees and flowering plants. Although it may be the middle of winter in the real world, the host has seen to it that the house and grounds themselves are in late spring. The air is comfortably cool and fragrant with various flowering plants. All the sliding screens and shutters that normally separate the inside of the main hall from the outside are open, allowing one to step directly from the wide verandah into the house itself. Both the house and grounds are lit with braziers and strings of colored lanterns.

The space within the main hall, rather than being divided up by screens and curtains in the typical way, has been left mostly open. Tatami mats, cushions, and low tables are clumped here and there about the room, as well as on the verandah itself. Spirit-servants in human shape stand ready to serve food and drinks. There are a couple of open hibachis and a sushi bar manned by excellent mortal chefs who will wake up tomorrow with memories of working at a fancy party and substantial payment for their work, but with no precise idea of who they were working for or who they were serving. In one corner of the main hall, a group of spirit musicians - some more human-looking than others - play music on stringed instruments, flutes and drums.

[OOC: Mingle! Threadhop! Explore the garden! I will be here tagging from the start of the party until at least midnight eastern time. After that, I will be tagging and threading intermittently here until January 5th.]
Once Seimei has brought his guests from Milliways through the torii gate that marks the entrance to his estate, he holds up his hands to get everyone's attention. "I am happy and honored that you have all come to join this New Year celebration at my humble house. The grounds and main hall are open to you. Should you require anything, please do not hesitate to ask me or my servants." He grins broadly. "This party is meant to help us begin the new year with a light heart and an enthusiastic spirit. So please do enjoy yourselves!"
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Seimei is waiting at the end of the Bar, as he told Mac he would be when they fixed the date for their, well, date. He's dressed in his usual black suit-and-sneakers ensemble: it's to be a casual-dress outing.


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