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Is This Your Card?

For the most part, Abe no Seimei's project to develop a Japanese reinterpretation of the Tarot has been going smoothly. He has developed very specific concepts (even sketches) for most of the cards, and general ideas for the rest that a certain artist of his acquaintance can help to flesh out.

There is, however, one card that is prompting much wracking of brains, ripping of paper, agitated pacing, and chain-smoking. Seimei has considered getting around the problem by leaving the card out of his deck entirely, but that's not really an option. When it comes to magic, one must commit fully or not at all.

So Seimei has devoted considerable time and energy to researching this card in the Milliways library. He has broadened the scope of his research beyond books on the Tarot - even the most obscure and esoteric ones - and is now hunting for references to the card's imagery and meaning in prophetic visions.

At some point he realizes he is very far back in the library, past some kind of event horizon where said library loses its coherence and becomes tangled up with other libraries in other realities and times. The air is thick with magic which doesn't flow so much as swirl around in eddies and whirlpools. Seimei can feel the books watching him, and suspects that they may be planning an ambush of some kind.

While he is all in favor of doggedly pursuing knowledge, he is beginning to think that he may have pursued too doggedly and too far.
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"You really need to clear the mental fog before you keep on working," a gravelly voice declares from between the stacks.
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"The Japanese attitude of gambaru," says the man (?), stepping out from between the shelves. "Relax. If you ignore a question, it will grow frustrated and show you hints of the answer."
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"I mean that letting go of the banana is often a good option," the man says.
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"The banana inside the monkey trap," the man says, "which the curious monkey will not let go, so it can't get its hand free and is caught."
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"A banana that grows in the wild, which is a bit harder to get at, but won't get him caught."
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"I'm what you think you are," the man says. "I'm Tower."
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"We can go outside in my world," Tower says. "Follow me?"
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Tower wanders between the shelves, then opens a door.

They're outside, and it's evening.

"So, about that bribe..."
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Tower takes one of the cigars, inhaling its scent and sighing deeply, happily.

"This is the real thing," he says. "What do you want to know?"
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Tower says nothing.

He takes his time cutting and lighting the cigar, puffing on it, and enjoying it in silence for some minutes.

"Which one?" he finally asks.
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"It very much lacks the sense of a new start," Tower says. "A mushroom cloud could illustrate the high swords, nothing else. If you want to refer to Hiroshima, use the atomic dome, and a string of origami cranes flying from it."
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"It was too high a price to pay," Tower says. "It's one of the inexcusable blunders of humanity that makes even me want to roll my eyes and turn my back. If you want a nuclear catastrophe that brought change for the good, look to Chernobyl; but that wasn't Japanese. The stones are still falling from the ruins of Fukushima, so we can't say yet if that will bring a change for the better."
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"How would you do that?"
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"It'll work," he says. "At least for the basic structure of the tower."
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"I see," Tower says. "You worked that our very well,It cheerfully is both, and brings the message across."
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"I collect them," Tower says. "I'd be grateful. Would you like me to open the door back to the library?"

He will, of course, stay out here and enjoy his cigar.
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"To just where you need to be."
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Tower opens a door, and smiles as he holds it for Seimei.