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New Year's Party

Abe no Seimei's house resembles a typical Heian mansion, with its central south-facing hall and wings connected by bridges and walkways. The entire structure is raised above the ground on wooden pillars and topped with steep, cypress-shingled roofs. There are certain modern conveniences in the house, but most of these are tastefully hidden - except for the bathrooms which are, of necessity, fairly easy to recognize.

The house sits on a few acres of carefully manicured, wall-girded ground that include a pond and stream, a moon bridge, stands of bamboo, a rock garden, and a stunning variety of trees and flowering plants. Although it may be the middle of winter in the real world, the host has seen to it that the house and grounds themselves are in late spring. The air is comfortably cool and fragrant with various flowering plants. All the sliding screens and shutters that normally separate the inside of the main hall from the outside are open, allowing one to step directly from the wide verandah into the house itself. Both the house and grounds are lit with braziers and strings of colored lanterns.

The space within the main hall, rather than being divided up by screens and curtains in the typical way, has been left mostly open. Tatami mats, cushions, and low tables are clumped here and there about the room, as well as on the verandah itself. Spirit-servants in human shape stand ready to serve food and drinks. There are a couple of open hibachis and a sushi bar manned by excellent mortal chefs who will wake up tomorrow with memories of working at a fancy party and substantial payment for their work, but with no precise idea of who they were working for or who they were serving. In one corner of the main hall, a group of spirit musicians - some more human-looking than others - play music on stringed instruments, flutes and drums.

[OOC: Mingle! Threadhop! Explore the garden! I will be here tagging from the start of the party until at least midnight eastern time. After that, I will be tagging and threading intermittently here until January 5th.]
Once Seimei has brought his guests from Milliways through the torii gate that marks the entrance to his estate, he holds up his hands to get everyone's attention. "I am happy and honored that you have all come to join this New Year celebration at my humble house. The grounds and main hall are open to you. Should you require anything, please do not hesitate to ask me or my servants." He grins broadly. "This party is meant to help us begin the new year with a light heart and an enthusiastic spirit. So please do enjoy yourselves!"
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Carlotta has come with Teja, since she doesn't know Seimei well.

She stays relatively near him, but does some exploring on her own too to find the host.
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Teja comes in after her, looking around; to him, the layout of a Japanese house is already familiar.

But this is grander than those he knew from Ryu Hayabusa's world.

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Seimei's been going to and fro greeting various guests and giving some last-minute instructions to his staff. Eventually, he finds Teja and Carlotta. "Ah, hello! If you are interested in the grounds, I can give you a tour in a little bit. Carlotta, would you be so kind as to introduce me to your guest?"
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"Hallo Mr Abe. This is His Highness, King Teja." Carlotta says. "He's a... guardian of sorts."
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"Hajimemashite," Teja says politely, and in Japanese; he knows that much. "I have been to the lands of Japan before, and admire that which your people achieved. Carlotta is a good friend, whom I have taken under my wing, and who can make me laugh -- no mean feat!"

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"I am very pleased to meet you, King Teja," Seimei replies cheerfully. "I welcome you to my humble house. May I ask what time and place you come from?"
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Carlotta adjusts the unusually dainty frock she has on, a little self-consciously, and waits for her turn to speak.

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Ryu arrived with Mallory, and bows to the host at the end of this speech. "We are honored by your invite, and may your generosity be returned to you a hundredfold." Following chinese new year tradition, he brought a small gift of candies and cookies, and a maneki neko.

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"Ah! Thank you! Thank you!" Seimei returns Ryu's bow as he accepts the gifts. "I don't think I've met your friend, Hayabusa-san." He would greatly appreciate an introduction.

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Mallory bows, glad they aren't speaking Chinese--she is still learning Japanese. She is wearing the red and pink kimono that Ryu bought her; the first he bought her.

She smiles politely and waits for Ryu to make the introduction.

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"This is my girlfriend, Mallory Grace." And is is so obvious that he is completely in love... no sober, traditional facade of formal behavior can hide it.

"Mallory, this is Abe no Seimei." He mentioned his adventure along with the kami before, during a few of their talks about asian culture.

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"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Grace," Seimei says - in English, since he guesses that to be Mallory's native language. Or at least one she's likely to be fluent in. He bows politely to her.

As a teasing aside to Ryu he remarks, "Now that I have met your companion, I feel an urge to congratulate you on your good fortune." He follows up with a wink.

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Mallory gives them both an amused smile and bows again.

"I am honored to meet you. Ryu has spoken of you and your adventure together. You have a very beautiful home."

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Kate was wearing her new purple dress and jewelry again, and had her hands linked with Will, throwing him grins as they entered.

"Thanks for having us."
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Will's not quite as dressed up, he gave up on the tie but he is wearing a nice suit,

"Oh aye, nice to be back in Japan."

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"And this time, no spider demons! Only music, food, drink and festivities."

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"Aw, not even one for old time's sake?" Kate joked, and smiled, "Guess we'll have to settle for a great party."
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"Aye, seems a grand one too."

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"Well, I try to throw only really good parties," Seimei explains. "Otherwise what's the point? And I haven't held a party here for some time, so now that I am finally doing so I must do it in a spectacular way." He chuckles.

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Hao honestly has little use for most of the other guests, but he comes, dressed in the formal robes of an onmyouji.

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"Greetings, Hao-san." Seimei greets his guest with a bow. The last time he saw Hao, the other man was in a different incarnation, but that sort of thing doesn't throw him off. (What's much more interesting to him is that it didn't throw Hao off in the usual way, but this isn't the time to ask about it.)

"I'm glad you could attend, and I hope you will enjoy the party. Have you brought any guests along?" By this Seimei means to ask if Hao has brought some of his own spirit-servants: it is possible, though not likely, that one of Hao's spirit's might have some long-standing feud with one of Seimei's, and if so it would be best to prevent them from meeting.

[identity profile] 500-year-shaman.livejournal.com 2008-12-31 10:21 pm (UTC)(link)
"Mmm, just one," he replies. "An old friend of mine; he's asleep right now, but perhaps I can introduce you later."

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"I would appreciate that. I am sorry to ask, but does he have a...history with certain kinds of spirits in general or any one in particular? I have all sorts here, and I would prefer not to have some ancient feud spoil the party."

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"Rest assured, the Spirit of Fire has no such feuds," Hao says.

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"Thank you. That is a great relief. I learned to be careful of such things after an incident with...ah, but never mind that. If I may ask, what time are you living in now?" Seimei can't pin it down due to Hao's choice of traditional dress.